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                Earliest spread of millet agriculture outside China linked to herding livestock
                5000 years before the modern rise of millet as a popular grain, this Chinese crop was spread far and wide by ancient food aficionados, not for their plates but instead for their animals, suggests new research from an international collaboration led by...
                Pirbright scientists use ground-breaking techniques to identify how a ruminant virus can adapt to infect human cells
                Scientists from The Pirbright Institute have used a ground-breaking approach to identify that a morbillivirus that causes disease in small ruminants such as sheep and goats, known as peste des petits ruminants (a close relative of measles virus – the...
                Toxic Plants and Small Ruminants – Wild Cherry
                To wrap up Animal Sciences undergraduate student Ag-notes, Ohio State students Autum Ballard, Madison Findley, Emily Gaglione, and Cassandra Randolph have chosen to highlight a toxic plant that is known to be an issue in livestock pastures, especially...
                Minerals and Vitamins for Sheep
                Proper animal nutrition means giving the animals the proper amount of all nutrients necessary for optimum production. This involves knowledge of the nutrients themselves, factors that affect the requirements of animals, and the feeds used to deliver those...
                RVC breakthrough in the global effort to eradicate PPR virus
                Researchers have made a significant breakthrough in examining the spread of Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR), an animal disease targeted for global eradication....
                Pirbright scientists show re-emerged bluetongue strain still poses a threat
                Scientists at The Pirbright Institute have shown that the strain of bluetongue virus (BTV) currently circulating in France poses a threat to susceptible animals in Europe, despite causing less clinical disease than the original BTV-8 strain responsible...

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